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Develop ways of packaging design

    , packaging design, is to diligently continue to try and explore. Pursuit of the good feelings of human life, the color is extremely valuable, which we express ideas, fun, loving influence is the most direct and most important. Handle, experience design, to create a better packaging, enriching our lives, is required of our time. No color design of packaging is noisy and a little peace of the Earth, its elegance, simplicity and silence makes people enjoy sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty back, thinking about another kind of crisp, elegant fragrance, they do not show an indisputable property features would be included in packaging design exudes timeless charm.  

     health food packaging design should change with the market development  

     how to communicate better in health food packaging, key points:  

     talk to human emotional care  

     interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream model of marketing, personal consumption of health food packaging design put forward higher requirements. In today's high product homogeneity, the packaging of the product also has the "same" phenomenon. Health food packaging is not the fact of concern to consumers, are not fancy, but by packaging reflected respect for people's feelings, whether friendly, reflect the tastes of the target groups in the design and lifestyle. The feast for the eyes and the high quality of packaging, naturally favored. From this perspective, health food packaging actually taking responsibility for psychological treatment, to alleviate the psychological pressure on consumers, to swallow the efficacy results. This requires the designers in the design of packaging is to go deep into life, focusing on the human grasp of human nature.  

       full package media characteristics;

     health information on food packaging targeted, lasting and strong. Advantages of strong performance, trust, to take full advantage of. But the packaging itself has many deficiencies, such as flexibility, the less information, communication speed is slow. So in the food packaging design process to consider, clever choice. On the packaging you want to access to specific people to do the final step, it is necessary to take into account characteristics distinguish them from the other media, it makes greater mining packaging media of communication.  

     elimination of mixed zone  

     in fact, competition among enterprises has been changes to the overall image of the competition, CI import requirement of corporate image by way of packaging design. As a unique identifier, packaging can do that.  

     in the health food market gradually today, many health food instead of being too old and have become an obstacle to communicate with consumers. Should reference-more new style, for example, in transparent plastic bags printed with the company logo, the be-kind France perfume all the packaging. This package to consumers the "real" meaning of this brand has also led to similar brand products sales. Health food packages do not have to follow these practices, but the introduction of this concept is necessary.  

     in fact, expressed through packaging design corporate image, is not only conducive to the spread of corporate image, also reduced the corporate campaign spending. Most importantly, strengthen consumer society and its brand recognition, in order to achieve deep communication.