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How to choose a big-screen splicing system

    Czech section better depending on LCD mosaic displayed unit for its fiber thin of screen body and became led trend of new mosaic displayed technology, in recent years, to LCD screen (LCD) for Mosaic unit of big screen system, in big screen monitoring field of application gradually by concern, while, stems from appliances industry LCD TV of way higher, in this trend Xia, LCD in other industry of application also gradually for trend.  

     on the, LCD screen of related parameter in improve, has low power, and weight light, and life long (General can normal work 50,000 hours above), has no radiation, and picture brightness uniform, and color bright, advantages, and mosaic gap gradually narrowed, reached unilateral spell sewing minimum 7.6mm, price increasingly fell, for industrial control, and information released, and image monitoring, widely field of narrow sewing LCD mosaic displayed system of relative construction cost lower , But the reasons of narrow #/#182#/# display systems came into being. How to select a mosaic programme, has become more concerned about problems in several ways for you to explain the following: