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How can I break the regional market

    second-line paint brands in the process of opening up regional markets, brands face a siege on the one hand, but also face competition from many new brands, second-tier brands in the region how markets work?

     a, innovative product to sell

     at present, the paint market has become more sophisticated, as a second-tier brand, wants regional market cake, and can only be "cost-effective" card, and on the quality of the product has to compete with, in product design is also in line with regional market demands.

     brand-building is the key to become bigger and stronger, with a high visibility and reputation of the brand also gives agents set up long-term confidence. Brand building can increase market share and economic benefits, can enhance the brand's appeal and radiation, not just propaganda by the media, including channel development, customer management, market management, and so on.

     II, agents have confidence in their own ability

     in fact, in the tertiary market, one or two line the gap brand is not large, and brand development is also coming from the two or three lines of brand development at the beginning of. These brands operate in regional markets, are worthy of agents to learn from.

     with paint brands products prices of second-tier brands have an advantage. Although only first in the eyes of some consumers, hold a second, but first this concept through branding strategies to build out. If sales do not first, price and service can do. Done first in the provincial market temporarily, in some markets, even a small area first.

     III, the formation of a Wolf's consultant marketing team

     water is not deep, Dragon spirit, team is not large, has talent. Sales force is not size, cannot employ a "nurse-like sales", hired a large Terminal sales personnel. Huge, promoters will increase spending, but may not be able to achieve tangible results. As long as the strict screening, scientific training, the formation of a passionate sales, dare to dare to fight. Sales staff to sell not only the product, more marketing ideas and insights. A good marketing team, will lay a good foundation to the operation of the market.

     four, do market to focus on breakthrough, rhythm

     early due to limited funds, be sure to use, on the one hand are concentrated in the regional market, concentration of the means of communication on the one hand, with images of products or products with high performance in the early open market gap late quick follow up, and product line extensions, make the product series in pursuit of high profit returns. Manufacturers first product to open the market to realize cash, follow the product began to use channel sharing and market share for low-cost expansion, to maximize profit.

     v, improve store success

     ways to improve the success rate of main points: focus on hardware, including shopping, decorate class, samples; improving its soft power, including staff qualities and abilities increase brand, including reputation, brand, service level use flexible marketing policy. Increase traffic, mainly refers to the store location, brand, advertising, promotions, increase in attractiveness, the dissemination of information.

     store hardware store location should be considered first, followed by the operating area. Location in the target concentration of passenger flow, an area to be able to meet the show's effects, sales, brand image and other basic requirements. Shop within function divided to primary and secondary clear, to has necessary of auxiliary show and description; to according to customer into shop browse of March route to design, as customer in shop within of stranded time; lights to bright, guarantee products displayed effect; to note heating light combined, points surface light combined, background light and effect light phase combined, to keep necessary of brightness, door head decoration unified, and simple, and obviously highlight.