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CI design and development program

1. Production design instructions, commissioned to design institutions, clear development goals, purport, CI design;  

 2. Note design and development essentials, according to the findings of a new policy;  

 3. Explore the concept of corporate identity elements and zoning, which explore the elaboration of logo design concepts, from the concept of a majority

design, select a few representative sign sketch;  

 4. Corporate logo design show;  

 5. Select a design and test design, including the primary relationship to the outside world, the company's internal design staff

see survey, which reflect the value of the selected shape and beauty good work;  

 6. Corporate logo design element of refinement. The selected logo design case, perform delicate jobs, modelling on the run

pulmonary, examination on the application, to facilitate the development of design;  

 7. Proposal to show the basic elements and systems. Other essential elements of development and logo elements refined at the same time,

logo, basic design elements with other elements of the relationship between used provisions of plans;  

 8. Edit basic design elements and systems manual;  

 9. Enterprise standard system project proposal. Applications, including business cards, stationery, signs,

with names such as, where the established application design system;  

 10. General application design and development. In the stage of development and design of the project, in accordance with the development and application of meter

, a unit of application design project design development;  

 11. For testing, sampling;  

 12. Start a new design application;  

 13. Editorial Design Handbook.  

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