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About Us

brand new coordinate design offers XI an advertising company, logo design, logo design, Xian Xian XI ' an album design, VI design, design, design company, Xian Xian trademark brochure design, packaging design, CI, XI ' an, XI ' an design, LOGO design and other design projects in XI ' an. Companies with enterprise business benefits as market positioning, enable the company to obtain richer branding inspiration in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise brand in China for Mido's goal, is committed to providing more companies doing the most fit and most valuable marketing program. In order to better serve customers, companies with a keen insight into the brand and high accuracy of research skills, explore the history, culture and development of corporate brand marketing trends. To shape the brand image of the company as the core, to sharp market insights for product marketing provides marketing programs.

our services: media resources integration planning, public relations, brand management, marketing strategy, DM.

We specialize in the marketing of the entire research and development.

we offer our customers the latest in brand identity design services!

we offer our customers the most professional marketing plan!

we create for our clients the most influential brand in the industry!

our heritage: the hard truths of life, with a professional to create a classic! Our blood: brand the perfect way!